About Us

Honestly, we would really rather talk about you and your business. That is probably what you need to know most about us. Arvest bankers are seeking to build a relationship with you and your business which is based upon trust and two-way communication. By learning about your business, your banker can be a resource to you today, and in the future, as the needs of your business change.

We are committed to helping local business owners stand strong in their community and have been doing just that since 1961. Our history helps us recognize that this nation was built upon the goodwill and foresight of independent business owners. We intend to provide the support and resources that will allow businesses to flourish, further enhancing the culture and lifestyles of their communities throughout Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. Our mission statement is simple: “People helping people find financial solutions for life.” The life of your business will change over time and we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it.

A Business Banker can provide an in-depth consultation and show you a snap shot of your cash flow based upon your business and financial operations. In doing this, we can demonstrate how to maximize key aspects of that financial picture by offering the right services that fit the needs of your specific business, while offering competitive pricing. Moreover, we understand that not only do you run a business, but you also have to attend to your personal finances. Fortunately, our extended hours, extensive branch network and convenient online services make it easy for you to manage both your business and your personal finances, right here with Arvest.