A road map and clearly marked check points is key to arriving at the correct destination.  Use these tools whenever you want to move your business forward into a new direction or consider new alternatives.


  • Marketing Plan Guideline

    Follow these ten steps to ensure you have a sound marketing strategy in place in any of the following instances: entering a new market, business growth, new products, or reposition in the market place.  This will also help provide the structure needed for your relationship with any third party vendor handling some of these components for your business.

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  • New Business Guideline

    Getting started can be exciting, as well as confusing.  Consider these important factors before charting your path to ensure you have looked at your prospective business from every angle.  This will allow you to have a solid foundation so that you can move forward, full steam ahead!

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  • Preparing To Borrow Guideline

    Whether it is for the start-up or growth phase, most businesses ultimately need to borrow money. Here are some issues to consider as you approach the borrowing process. Addressing them as you start the borrowing process can increase the chances of getting the loan and make the process much easier.

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  • Guidelines For Creating an Employee Benefits Program

    Your total compensation plan must serve to attract, retain and motivate your employees. While wages will be the largest component, other parts of the plan are also important. Together with the work environment, your benefit program may be the difference between having an effective, steady work force or a group of dissatisfied employees that you are constantly replacing.

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  • Choosing a Retirement Plan For Your Business

    Small businesses and their owners have many retirement plan options. Choosing the right plan, or combination of plans, is an important part of running the business. This guideline provides some basic information that will prepare you for starting some discussions with a retirement plan specialist.

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  • Renting a Business Location Checklist

    There are many location and lease issues to consider but are easy to miss if you do not know what to look for when scouting locations for your business.  Use our checklist to better avoid potential pitfalls.

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  • Employee Evaluation Checklist

    Regular feedback is the fastest way to motivate employees and build morale.  However, small businesses often overlook the value of such tools without the oversight of their own Human Resources department or staff.  This tool makes it easy to give employees a guideline of your expectations.

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  • Employee Interview Checklist

    Hiring the right candidate is one of the most important things you will do for your business but doing so may not come naturally or easily.  Use this tool to walk you through the process of providing a fair and insightful interview.

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  • Business Insurance Checklist

    The moment you have business assets is the moment you have something to protect. There are plenty of ways to do this.  This checklist will help you to consider all of the possibilities and notate your findings as you shop competitors.

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